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An A4 sized 180gsm piece of card folded in half to create an A5 portrait card with a character of your choice on the front, choice of age, and choice of name inside.

Choose from all 38 characters from book:

Tiger, Octopus, Lion, Chameleon, Dragonfly, Cat, Flying Lizard, Pangolin, Penguin, Wolf, Frog, Raccoon, Crocodile, Honey Badger, Sloth, Puffer Fish, Gorilla, Bee, Rabbit, Owl, Hedgehog, Rhino, Horse, Squirrel, Reindeer, Snake, Bat, Panda, Kingfisher, Lynx, Otter, Shark, Leafy Sea Dragon, Ocelot, Fox, Hummingbird, Rat, Kangaroo.

Personalised Birthday Cards

  • Price includes postage and packing

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