Thank you for coming...Book Launch

It was really lovely spending a couple of hours at St Pauls Worthing yesterday afternoon, talking to local folks, making new acquaintances and seeing some friendly faces at the Today I Am.. launch/handover.

Although a lot of crowd funding supporters had already received their copies, or were too far away to pop by, some did drop in; and it was also really nice chatting to people who happened to be passing through, some of whom bought copies for themselves and their families. In fact, three generations of one family each bought a copy and, it just goes to show that my broad age group readership approach could well pay off!

I hope everyone went home happy with their purchases, and from my own experience meeting illustrators and authors of work I have bought, or admire, it's often memorable to have heard where it's all come from straight from the horse's mouth- so to speak.x

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