Printing, binding and finishing process

Once I set out on this journey to write and illustrate my book, having spent many years sending artwork to print, this was the first time I actually created a book from scratch and was involved in every process along the way.

The book binding, printing and finishing processes are all fascinating, and something I, and I'm sure many others take for granted when picking up and reading books.

My decision to make a casebound, hardcover book meant there were considerations with spine widths, lamination and spot glosses on the cover, endpaper stocks and inner paper stocks, which all informed the design and layout of the book itself to some degree.

Luckily for me, I found a fabulous local printer in Empire Printworks, literally 10 minutes from where I live.

I had such a great experience with them, who were helpful, gave me advice where it was needed, were generous and personal with their time, and provided an end product which fulfilled all my requirements and turned out exactly, if not better than I imagined it would.

It also meant the carbon footprint was small and the mutual support of another local business added to the story.

Here is a photo of me looking slightly smug, (and feeling very proud) having just taken delivery of my 300 books personally from manager Paul. It was a wonderful feeling to have got that far.

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