Book Signing and Drawing at Neighbourhood Store Shoreham

Yesterday, a sunny Saturday was spent having a wonderful time with my fabulous family, doing a book signing and drawing promo at the new and mighty Neighbourhood Store in Shoreham by sea. Emma and Gary have recently opened up a consignment shop and local creative hub, where lovely vintage clothing and furniture, new- up cycled and re purposed items are sold, alongside new artwork and crafts, plus two other of my most favourite things in the world- records and trainers! It's like THE PERFECT SHOP! They invited me to come along and promo my book which they are also selling, buy getting involved in their neighbourhood kids Saturdays initiative, which sometimes consists of DJ's, live music, art workshops and other inspiring little events to include local children to participate.

It's such a perfect spot, right opposite the water, on the high street right in the heart of a fantastic place. I chatted with loads of lovely folk about the book, caught up with a few old friends, sold and signed loads of copies and just had a really wicked few hours. We all rocked our onesies- as you do - Red Panda, Reindeer, Sloth and Leopard and made the sunny autumnal day even brighter. If you're ever in that neck of the woods, do pop in to the Neighbourhood Store x

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